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  1. Askin Ozcan Says:

    Comment on “It takes a thief; a real life con” from Buongiorno Venezia Aug 6:
    Venice is truly the City of Art- all kinds of arts, including “The Art of Stealing!” A rich Belgian industrialist has visited Venice with his newly wed wife, in their honeymoon. Upon arriving at their hotel, the uniformed portier has asked him for his car key, so he can park the car in the hotel’s parking, a new Mercedes 500 S, and bring the suitcases up to the room. After waiting for the suitcases for sometime, he has called the hotel’s reception to inquire as to what happened to the suitcases, only to find that the hotel has no portier, and no parking either for that matter!
    This and other exquisite stories of theft have won a special chapter for themselves in my book
    THE SECOND VENICE - ISBN 1598000888, a humorous fantasy about a second Venice built by Pshht Cola and McBigbite, as the Italian Government has passed a law to limit the number of tourists to Venice. As No.1 among top rated books in ITALY MAGAZINE, for many months, this book is a “steal”.
    Available at major internet bookshops. Askin Ozcan, The Author of THE SECOND VENICE.

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