for early planners: acqua alta in november

maybe it’s because i am such a last minute traveller and a fast planner when i travel for leisure: i am always delighted when people asking me about snow and rain and acqua alta when we are all sweating to death in july. or when i’m ask for the 2009 or 2010 pricing list for our services (isn’t is like mortgaging future?)  but you are the right one, you must plan well in advance. just remember that venice is spiteful: not all can be planned, and surprise is part of the show.
one thing that you cannot plan - and not even forecast, my dear - is the weather. you cannot forecast acqua alta year by year whatever they say: a general trend can be observed, but forget to know today what the weather will be like on November 1st, say. ACCEPT THIS! for instancw, in years we experienced acqua alta some days in september october november december january february march april may.. did i forget something?
anyway: high tide lasts only for some hours a day. if you avoid the lower areas (around st mark’s) it’s nearly ok. do not get impressed when  reading “tide = 100 cms”, this is from the sea level. high tide  very rarely comes up over the knee in most areas (if it does come higher, we all may be in very serious trouble).

there are rubber boots sold here in winter which solve the problem. so: be prepared for possible rainy and windy days, and possible tide, but remember this is not alaska.  and there’s a wonderful webpage where you can read more: :-)

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  1. Ale Says:

    Actually, I am among those ones :-) I went ahead and made my hotel and airline reservations even before I heard from you. How could I not? The hotel that costs 350 Euros in October is only 80 Euros in November, and the airfare was only $758. Two years ago, I paid $1,250 for a flight in October.

    I will love Venice no matter what happens. I think acqua alta will add to the experience, and this time, I won’t feel the need to run around trying to see everything on my list. I will spend more time just savoring the experience and watching the people. I understand the hoards of tourists are less then, and there will be more Italians to observe! I can’t wait.

    My best to you and the staff. Keep up the good work!

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