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for early planners: acqua alta in november

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

maybe it’s because i am such a last minute traveller and a fast planner when i travel for leisure: i am always delighted when people asking me about snow and rain and acqua alta when we are all sweating to death in july. or when i’m ask for the 2009 or 2010 pricing list for our services (isn’t is like mortgaging future?)  but you are the right one, you must plan well in advance. just remember that venice is spiteful: not all can be planned, and surprise is part of the show.
one thing that you cannot plan - and not even forecast, my dear - is the weather. you cannot forecast acqua alta year by year whatever they say: a general trend can be observed, but forget to know today what the weather will be like on November 1st, say. ACCEPT THIS! for instancw, in years we experienced acqua alta some days in september october november december january february march april may.. did i forget something?
anyway: high tide lasts only for some hours a day. if you avoid the lower areas (around st mark’s) it’s nearly ok. do not get impressed when  reading “tide = 100 cms”, this is from the sea level. high tide  very rarely comes up over the knee in most areas (if it does come higher, we all may be in very serious trouble).

there are rubber boots sold here in winter which solve the problem. so: be prepared for possible rainy and windy days, and possible tide, but remember this is not alaska.  and there’s a wonderful webpage where you can read more: :-)

VeniceWord’s Summer Contest

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Many loyal subscribers have told us over the years that they save their Buongiorno Venezia newsletters for future reference. We are curious: who among you has saved the most? Count the issues and let us know via our good old contact form We’ll ask the winner to submit proof before awarding them one night in Venice for two :-). [Our English-language editor at Wordsworth & Company has graciously withdrawn from competition, since he has kept a copy of every newsletter since May 2003. I wonder how he can sleep at night :-D ]

P. Gabriel plays for the poor, and the greedy

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Peter Gabriel’s charity concert (in support of the non-profit, independent, non-partisan association Emergency) took place last Friday in St. Mark’s Square. Earlier, on 5 July, Italian artist Franco Battiato had also performed to benefit Emergency. Read Gabriel’s tour diary about th e Venice concert at
Unfortunately, Venetians never miss a chance to show the world how shameless they are. During Gabriel’s and Battiato’s concerts, whose profits will be used to build hospitals for war victims, the cafes in St. Mark’s Square seized the opportunity to charge an average of 30 euros for a drink (including the show… and “what a show”), obviously saving on cost of their own performers yet without making a contribution of their own to Emergency. Mr. Gabriel and Mr. Battiato will be glad to know that they also contributed to such “needy” people’s wellbeing. :-(

money money money…

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Tourism costs the city of Venice 20-25 million euro per year. So the mayor has asked for government permission to re-introduce the tax on accommodations. It’s an old battle which, until now, has been won by the hoteliers. Mayor Cacciari is betting on professional marketing and management for the most traditional events, so that money is obtained… professionally (”We are not begging for money”). Even the upcoming Redeemer’s Feast will have an artistic director. The celebration will last for several days and conclude on the evening of Saturday, 14 July. The traditional and noisy fireworks will be replaced by a light and music show presented to admiring spectators who will watch from onboard well-coordinated boats in the basin. Apparently, it will be vastly different than the traditional feast, which has consisted of a colourful hodge podge of activities.

“there’s a bridge for every problem”

Friday, July 6th, 2007

the strange story of a new santa claus delivering a present to Venice, Italy by mistake - instead of Venice, Florida. misunderstandings and odd situation, invented characters that do not look so invented: this builds up the plot of “Robert star in Venice”, illustrated story by Daniele Scarpa Kos on exhibit in Venice (ITALY!), Fondamenta Rio Marin 2427/a (Ponte delle Latte) from 6 to 22 July (open 9.30-11.30 PM monday to saturday). Very creative painter and illustrator, in the writer’s humble opinion.

the messy (santa) Robert Claus is able to communicate with Venetians using the only words he knows in italian, that is the lyrics of the song “Con te partirò” (remember it? by Andrea Bocelli). The best part of the story, for the gossipy and humor people, is maybe the one where a strange “El Barba” (The Beard in an unlikely  spanish-italian) builds bridges everywhere because “there’s a bridge for every problem”, and creates “Bridge and Breakfast” accommodations. (Does this guy remind us of someone? :-))