it’s because we needed to see the sky…

… or the underwear??

the Calatrava bridge

this week’s newsletter talks of:

  • Mutual exclusivity — more hotels and fewer tourists?
  • April Fool’s Day — the best date for joking about money
  • The 20-point handicap — each unforgivable
  • and, last but not least

  • The Calatrava Bridge’s private views

6 Responses to “it’s because we needed to see the sky…”

  1. veniceanorak Says:

    I’d forgotten this was being sold to us as the transparent bridge. As you say there is an awful lot of metal. Won’t the glass be slippery to walk on?

  2. Clodia Says:

    Hope someone has the nerve to buy this piece of work. It’s sale just started on ebay. Would you like to place your bid? Click here:

  3. buongiornovenezia Says:

    veniceanorak… i do not know… they may cover the glass steps with wood to make them not slippery, IF they find out… but ssssst! do not tell anyone, or they’ll stop working again! :-D

  4. veniceanorak Says:

    Have the pigeon food vendors gone yet? Are there thousands of pigeons wandering round looking dazed and confused?

  5. venicelover Says:

    Why cannot the police round up those counterfeit bag-sellers and send them packing? I was in Venice last week, anfd thought that the bags now do not appear to have the “designer” names on them, but something that looks like or sounds like the famous name. I think I saw “Grada” instead of “Prada”, for instance. But, at least with the bags, the customers do get something for their money, and most people, I think, know they are buying a fake, though that doesn’t make it less of a crime. No, I think that the worst con-trick is the worked by the people who sell the “dancing” Mickey Mouse and other Disney character figures (no doubt with no copyright payments to Disney). I know that the people buying them must be stupid to believe in magic, and I believe that they are sold for only about 5 euros, which isn’t really a lot, but they too should be rounded up and shipped out of Venice.

  6. Cyn Burton Says:

    According to the most recent Buongiornovenezia, the corn sellers are now “giving the corn away” for a contribution–skirting the police and the law.

    I told my husband, the day they removed the sellers, that they should sell the bags of corn on Ebay as souvenirs from Venice. They would sell just for sentimentality’s sake.

    So corn sellers, are you listening?…broke photographer (whose camera was destroyed at Carnevale this last February leaving her without a single photo) will gladly sell your corn for you on Ebay…for a small cut of the profit.

    Big smiles and best wishes to my friends in Venezia, –Cyn

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