“there’s a bridge for every problem”

the strange story of a new santa claus delivering a present to Venice, Italy by mistake - instead of Venice, Florida. misunderstandings and odd situation, invented characters that do not look so invented: this builds up the plot of “Robert star in Venice”, illustrated story by Daniele Scarpa Kos on exhibit in Venice (ITALY!), Fondamenta Rio Marin 2427/a (Ponte delle Latte) from 6 to 22 July (open 9.30-11.30 PM monday to saturday). Very creative painter and illustrator, in the writer’s humble opinion.

the messy (santa) Robert Claus is able to communicate with Venetians using the only words he knows in italian, that is the lyrics of the song “Con te partirò” (remember it? by Andrea Bocelli). The best part of the story, for the gossipy and humor people, is maybe the one where a strange “El Barba” (The Beard in an unlikely  spanish-italian) builds bridges everywhere because “there’s a bridge for every problem”, and creates “Bridge and Breakfast” accommodations. (Does this guy remind us of someone? :-))

4 Responses to ““there’s a bridge for every problem””

  1. Garryland Says:

    yes, i think so… and didn’t another character, El Calatrava promise to build the forth bridge in 4 days? … lol

  2. buongiornovenezia Says:

    What about this: “He was in the bridge, and the bridge was made by him, and the bridge knew him not”? :-)

  3. Garryland Says:

    In the beginning was the Bridge, and the Bridge was with God, and the Bridge was God

  4. buongiornovenezia Says:

    you win :-)

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