P. Gabriel plays for the poor, and the greedy

Peter Gabriel’s charity concert (in support of the non-profit, independent, non-partisan association Emergency) took place last Friday in St. Mark’s Square. Earlier, on 5 July, Italian artist Franco Battiato had also performed to benefit Emergency. Read Gabriel’s tour diary about th e Venice concert at http://www.petergabriel.com/live/tourdiary/
Unfortunately, Venetians never miss a chance to show the world how shameless they are. During Gabriel’s and Battiato’s concerts, whose profits will be used to build hospitals for war victims, the cafes in St. Mark’s Square seized the opportunity to charge an average of 30 euros for a drink (including the show… and “what a show”), obviously saving on cost of their own performers yet without making a contribution of their own to Emergency. Mr. Gabriel and Mr. Battiato will be glad to know that they also contributed to such “needy” people’s wellbeing. :-(

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  1. Dave Says:

    This is just a short note so say how much I enjoy receiving the news
    letters. Like others I also save them for further reference.
    I first visited Venice many years ago when having a holiday in Moscow
    cancelled due to the invasion of Afghanistan by the Russians I switched
    to venice and Florence. I have now been back some seven times. The last
    visit was January 2006. This year all our flights were cancelled due
    to snow but I will be back next January for the carnivale. I , like
    many other love the atmosphere of Venice and the Italian government must
    do everything possible to save it for further generations. In the end
    limiting access will be the answer but reading yiur reports about the
    restaurants putting prices up during the Peter Gabriel show means that
    they would lobby against reducing tourist numbers but there has to be an
    answer. No doubt someone will always complain no matter what action is
    taken but “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs”
    Anyway, love the newsletter, always good to hear about Venice on a
    rainy day in England. keep it up. A Presto!

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