a little hall of blame

the quantity of sp.m messages we receive is.. insane. unpublished, obviously. mentioning the Hilton worsened things, it looks like the little Paris has got a lot of fans not only for her  music.

venice is getting nearly as hot as the Sahara desert. a hat is highly recommended when you stroll during the warmest time of the day (around 1-2 p.m). i walked and sweated in order to reach a little “osteria” i hadn’t visited for years. and there it was, near campo S.Giovanni e Paolo, (Venice’s main hospital), “Osteria da A….”. (still wondering whether to type in its full name or not): it was still looking very typical and old fashioned, looking family-run, the place you feel like at home and where you expect a cheap bill. I breathed with relief, had a fish and some grilled vegetables, heard of tons of reservations made by phone thru a couple of hotels’ concierges. I hated that, it sounded like an alarm. Well, 25 euro was an exaggeration for what i had, supposing the food would have been better. i was so disappointed, not for the money but because i had such a good memory of the place. i made a point to open a personal “black list”, and i’ sorry to say this deserves listing in spite of the personnel’s kindness. btw, it’s 4 a.m. as you can see, i had not an easy digestion. Always give people a second chance, but listen to me, do not trust concierges too much, next time..

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