collecting opinions about the best things and innovations of this Biennale.

5 votes: the floating bar at the Giardini (!!)
7 votes: the Italian pavillion
3 votes: the Welsh pavillion
4 votes Bill Viola at San Gallo church

-1 the German pavillion (organization problems??)

add yours if you wish

3 Responses to “biennale”

  1. Roberta Micou Says:

    I’m impressed by Emilio Vedova’s exhibit, I love the way he has experimented with a variety of new techniques and formats…

  2. Clodia Says:

    My vote for the Italian pavillion!

  3. ritalee Says:

    Biennale!!!!! how much better it would be to invite people “think with the brain” instead…
    I recommend the meditation about the presence of the dead in our life, though excessively long — 85′

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