the 25 wonders in the world

25 is the lucky number for Rough Guides, at its 25th anniversary. 25 new guidebooks, and a hit parade of world wonders: not 7 anymore, but - guess? - 25. Venice (which is already a UNESCO heritage site, btw)  is among them. needless to say, the  current exhibit at Palazzo Grassi had not opened yet, otherwise i hope the Rough Guides would have remarked the exception.

The Sistine Chapel, and the whole city of Venice are listed for Italy (which might have deserved something more).

Natural wonders: Victoria waterfalls (Africa), Grand Canyon (Arizona, US),  Perito Moreno glacier (Patagonia, Argentina), Ayers Rock (Australia), Salar de Uyuni lake (Bolivia).

Wonderful experiences: riding the Rio de Amazzonas, crossing the Sahara desert, trekking on Himalaya, snorkelling in the Belize coral reef. 

Art and architectural wonders (and temptations): Las Vegas, Sagrada Familia by Gaudì (Barcelona, Spain), Taj Mahal (Jaipur, India), Angkor Wat temples (Cambodia), Itaipù dam (Paraguay-Brazil)

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