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New thread by Logan Smith:

This Oct while in Venice, I want to plan a long
day-trip via train and/or bus to “A Farewell to Arms”
country to the northeast, as apparently there is
no guided tour available. I don’t want to rent a car.

There are frequent trains from Venice to both Gorizia
and Udine–but not, unfortunately, to the mountains
of Kobarid, Slovenia (formerly Caporetto, IT). There
may be bus service between Kobarid and both Gorizia
and Udine, but I’m at a loss as to how difficult it
would be to plan a smooth one-day trip from Venice, or
if it’s even do-able without a car. I’m game to try,
but any help will be appreciated.

Does anyone know if it is possible to travel from Venezia to
Kobarid, Slovenia, stay a couple of hours, and return by bus and/or train?

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  1. buongiornovenezia Says:

    not the beaten track, but there are organized trips from time to time. without someone speaking italian and arranging the tour, or without renting the car, i’d forget such a fast trip.
    some notes - for anyone seeking travel advice:
    - hiring a car takes money obviously (but there are deals) but spares you much time, specially in those areas where services are few. if you can’t drive for physical reasons, that’s another story. but if the reason for not driving is that you are scared of driving in italy, that’s nonsense. so, first advice: rent a car if possible, you’ll be able to stop anywhere and enjoy the trip much more.
    - for the given itinerary, check websites first (like this: ) even if in italian. you may wish to email the listed contacts
    - i know that the internet changed the world, and that the other travellers’ opinion is very valuable, but i wonder how travel agents should make their living. consider contacting one locally if you and your travel consultant can’t find the required information.

  2. Sylvia Says:

    My experience is about visiting the historical Montello - Crocetta, the sacrary in Nervesa della Battaglia near Treviso, Italy. There are no guided tours and the area can hardly be reached by bus, and it is hard to find itineraries where WW1 took place.

  3. Logan Smith Says:

    Okay, now I realize I have to rent a car. I have studied a map. Is the best driving route from Venezia to Kobarid (Caporetto) via Gorizia or via Udine and Cividale?



  4. michelangie Says:

    I’d go for Udine (so beautiful) and Cividale, good driving route.
    Tip: check S.A.F. for bus connections from Cividale (also international).
    You can reach Cividale by car or by train from Udine
    Hope this helps

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