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this week’s issue of Buongiorno Venezia talks of:

  •  St Mark’s takes precautions
  • Venice in the “Rough”
  • Palazzo Grassi’s new exhibit
  • We will rock you
  • Newsman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
  • Venice a-tones for high tides
  • La Fenice strikes again

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6 Responses to “this week’s newsletter”

  1. gc cooper Says:

    Those of us who enjoy picnicing on a vacation will sorely miss the opportunity to do so in Venice—–we do agree that something has to be done to keep Venice free from unwanted debris.

    However, I wish to address another kind of debris—–dog feces on the streets of Venice [and other European cities]. We do not have that problem in the United States. People who walk their dogs here feel obligated to clean up after their pets. Everyone carries a small [or large, depending on the dog’s output] plastic ziplock bag and/ or a small implement called a ‘Pooper Scooper’. Visitors can keep their eyes focused above sidewalk level and not be afraid of stepping in a sticky smelly mess. I have spent a week more than once in Venice and walked by the same deposit every day. It is not only the citizens of Venice who need to take some responsibility for their city’s cleanliness but also the city government.

  2. hurricane03 Says:

    May you be interested, Roberto Bianchin published an article about the Calatrava Bridge last Monday:
    I really appreciate your newsletter and blog for the way you already delivered accurate information in few lines, in English

  3. R. J. Fusillo Says:

    re: Cooper’s thoughts about dog feces. What with the residents looking down at their cellphones to see if they can get a signal, tourists looking down at their maps, and everyone looking down to avoid the everywhere dog dirt, Venice’s famed sights are a waste of space — few people see them.
    And we all get pigeon droppings on the backs of our heads.

  4. Logan Smith Says:

    I don’t know how to begin a new topic, so forgive my breach of etiquette by “piggy-backing” onto this posting.

    This Oct while in Venice, I want to plan a long
    day-trip via train and/or bus to “A Farewell to Arms”
    country to the northeast, as apparently there is
    no guided tour available. I don’t want to rent a car.

    There are frequent trains from Venice to both Gorizia
    and Udine–but not, unfortunately, to the mountains
    of Kobarid, Slovenia (formerly Caporetto, IT). There
    may be bus service between Kobarid and both Gorizia
    and Udine, but I’m at a loss as to how difficult it
    would be to plan a smooth one-day trip from Venice, or
    if it’s even do-able without a car. I’m game to try,
    but any help will be appreciated.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to travel from Venezia to
    Kobarid, Slovenia, stay a couple of hours, and return by bus and/or train?

  5. buongiornovenezia Says:

    yes, tourists are quite busy with minding their safety in venice :-) you definitely have to watch your steps in venice, and we all should thank the high tide because (it’s true) it cleans up the streets. you need to develop a trained eye, which is able to notice changes in the path in the distance whilst enjoying walking.

    i confirm, there are rules (and fines) in any italian city for dogs owners. they have to walk with a plastic bag ready when the beloved pet stops. Many do it. Some don’t. You see the effects of the don’ts. i am not saying that venetians are dirty people, it’s simply that some of them do not respect their city AND there is no control.
    This is not a contemporary issue only. Think, in ancient times the Serenissima Republic government invented a system to prevent (drunk?) people from stopping in the street corners to “release” their… water. What happens when you pour a glass of water over a stone which is curved or leans towards you? it happens that you get wet. now, take a look at street corners when walking in venice, and you’ll see such stones still in use.

  6. Cyn Burton Says:

    Does anyone know a central contact for La Fenice? I hesitate to tell why…but it involves of course,
    photos. P.S. Rosalba, I’m afraid the chocolates we’d brought for you have melted in the sun…still al the best to Veniceword and your staff.

    Cyn an Okie Abroad

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