don’t miss, if you have 10 euro to throw away

an update about the exhibit Sequence 1 at Palazzo Grassi,  Contemporary sculptures and paintings from the private collection of François Pinault, Palazzo Grassi’s owner. A very “home made” exhibit (yet “precious”) which should teach us about the trend of contemporary art. meaning, what is worth buying. So you’ll realize what kind of art the very rich like to bring home.

may i tell you? it’s the worst Palazzo Grassi’s exhibit ever. the art critics reviews have been quite positive - you have to  ”open your mind” - but people are not stupid. word-of-mouth counts. 3 days after the opening the palazzo was DESERT, and i exchanged staring glances and silent laughs with the other 5-6 visitors in all. so stay away from Sequence 1, unless you wish to know who are Mr Pinault’s friends of friends. No emotions, no ideas, no technique, nothing. the big metal skull - which i repeat is the only somehow interesting work - cannot be seen at ease because it has been placed outside, along the grand canal, so that it attracts visitors.

beware: this is the first of a series of 5 exhibit from FP’s collection.  he’d better lock his pieces

The Very Hungry God by Gupta, a huge skull in stainless steel kitchenware. It has been placed outside the palazzo along the Canal Grande, quite impressive. 

Palazzo Grassi’s site is complicated and slow: if you wish see the basic info at then browse

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  1. Theresa Says:

    I made a point of visiting Palazzo Grassi on all our trips to Venice, and I love it. It is always a high point of our trip, because my husband feels like a complete idiot, and so do I. A skull along the Canal? I’ll enjoy it more than ever.

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