“No o sì… Grandi Navi?”

Are you in favour or against the passage of the cruise ship in the St.Mark’s Basin?

This week’s headlines from Venice are reaching the subscribers to our list (*):

* Rocking the boat
* Racing the boat!
* Write on
* Crime in time
* Art shows in Italy
* Acqua Alta Bulletin
* Strike Calendar
* Suggested restaurants
> A Vegetarian and Vegan friendly Venice
* Suggested events: MUSIC, THEATRE, and EXHIBITS

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3 Responses to ““No o sì… Grandi Navi?””

  1. Terry Seligman Says:

    No grandi navi….per favore!

  2. Susan Says:

    No grandi navi, too dangerous for venezia!

  3. Simona Grandesso Says:


    assolutamente: No Grandi Navi! Help Venice please

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