this week’s issue of Buongiorno Venezia talks of:

  • this week’s issue of Buongiorno Venezia talks of:
    • Invasion of the propeller snatchers
    • Lido Beach gets no blue flag
    • Half a dozen coaches disappear
    • Elton John concert in question
    • Gondoliera Alexandra makes the front page of the N.Y. Times!

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  1. buongiornovenezia Says:

    no doubt this is the golden year for Gondoliera Alexandra Hai, whom we talked about several times in past years for her wish and commitment to become a real gondolier. the first woman gondolier in venice is somehow made fun of by male colleagues. but she was interviewed by the New York Times, and speaks from its front page. what an honour.

    the link to the NYT article is (thank you Claudia):

    if you wish, take a look at the comments about Alexandra in our blog, and add yours:

  2. michelangie Says:

    It is unclear to me whether Sir Elton John will be performing in Venice or not.

  3. Cyn Burton Says:

    Well, I wish I could meet Alex and let some of her golden luck rub off on me. One week back in Venice, another to go, almost all of my cash flow spent. Veniceword readers might remember me from a few months back. I was trying to get the City of Venice to allow me to show and sell my original images of the City, within the City. Still no word from and hope is running thin. Everyone seems blown out of the water by the photos, moved, touched and then nothing comes of it. I know all artists struggle. I’m not the first, certainly not the first in Venice but I could really do with my golden gondola coming in. Still in love with Venezia, still willing to devote my vision, sick of worry, sick of hardship. I want to go to Harry-s and dream. Support an artist and her devotion to Venice just by visiting my website and leaving an encouraging word.

    Okie Abroad, Cyn

  4. Clodia Says:

    Dear Cyn, do you know how many Venetian artists there are in Venice that would like to show their work but the foreigners get in the way…? Just ’study’ the Biennale…

  5. Cyn Burton Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Clodia. Did you take a minute to look at what I do, before commenting on it? Just curious…
    Okie Abroad

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