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this week’s issue of Buongiorno Venezia talks of:

  • Bugs in the system: infestation cases rise 500% - resulting from bad hygiene in Venice’s and Mestre’s bars and restaurants
  • Bridge over troubled (muddy) water: Calatrava 
  • Fruits and veggies return, doubts linger in Treviso
  • The bell tolls for S. Stefano’s belfry?
  • The Hilton’s stats
  • Summer rocks: from Elton John to Pearl Jam
  • Eleven million dollars for Bellotto

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4 Responses to “this week’s newsletter”

  1. matz2004 Says:

    Once again, your newsletter is so informative. I agree with you: and there’s no need to build a new bridge! They should be ashamed of themselves…

  2. john Says:

    Would like to read more about the Fourth bridge.and the cleanliness or
    apparent lack of it in Restaurants and bars.The first particularly
    because of your Mayors proposal to replace Accademia bridge at No?
    cost,after his involvement with the Fourth that should be interesting. The
    second because I hate to see so many places where food and money are handled
    by the same person.

  3. buongiornovenezia Says:

    well, it doesn’t seem they feel so ashamed. accusing each other is much better.

    the fact that food and money may be handled by the same person depends on the kind of activity, the number of employees, and the size of the shop or bar. i agree that it’s not nice to see in some shops (sometimes when i buy bread, i bake on the flame or oven before eating it if i have some doubts. the bread is even better, that way :-)
    Most barman respect the rules (use paper towels or special pliers to handle toasts and sandwiches). The hint is to take a look before ordering and go away if you do not feel at your ease, or simply.. stop thinking, and enjoy.

    i realize there’s some misunderstanding with how to post comments, i’m sorry. “comments to newsletter” is the name of the folder! i’ll rename it. click the other “comments” link if you wish to post.

  4. owen Says:

    enjoyed your special issue. the names of the restaurants?

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