“This is Venice too”

Franco Filippi is more than a publisher, author and bookseller. He is a “piece” of living Venetian history. In a past issue of Buongiorno Venezia we had mentioned his latest book “Anche Questa è Venezia” , and we hear it has become a case study: no direct advertising, just word-of-mouth. In Italian. Slowly but steadily, with the second reprint the book has already sold  7.000 copies to single buyers (which is much for a niche book in Italian),  and - the Author says - its content has been often been copied by other writers and journalists, without the source even being mentioned. E-mails, letters (”even handwritten” Franco smiles) are coming in hundreds.

This is not a paid review: it’s a post to answer inquiries from our readers. How to order the book? they ask. Visit him in his bookshop - you’ll learn something - or write to him: in Italian. If you can’t speak the language, start learn it! Or you’ll miss the book.

The bookshop: Libreria Filippi - Castello, Caselleria 5284, 30122 Venice. Phone and fax +39 0415236916.
The book: Filippi Franco, “Anche questa è Venezia.
Cronaca di una passeggiata ed altre cose che so di lei.”

cm.14×9, pp 448 ill. - Euro 15.00 euro

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    i did not read the book but i met mr filippi in his little libreria ;the one of caselleria is the real one the other shop although carries the same name is not his . he is a legend he knows not only the history of venice but all the connections on venice with the rest of the world as far as china ; a very intersting man i am lucky to have met.

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