about trust, again. in our newsletter you’ll read how a fire destroyed a huge part of the De Longhi factory 30 kilometers from Venice, yesterday. There’s a danger — there’s no danger — there’s no toxic substance — the substances exceed the limit, a little. the usual news ballet.
i want to believe there’s no risk of dioxin contamination. i believe it. but i wonder who still believes what authorities declare. many residents in the area between Treviso and Venice chose not to return home for the day and slept in the surroundings. the editor included. today i’m having a great time working at my pc near the Jesolo beach. not a bad idea, all in all. After all… tomorrow is another day, when the cloud will be gone with the wind. but today is today.

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  1. buongiornovenezia Says:

    well, polystyrene they said. and the ballet is going on, now with the courage to tell that near the burnt factory in treviso the levels of dioxine exceed the permitted limits - which was very clear from the beginning, had you been able to listen carefully to the official declarations. In the area around the De Longhi factory, yesterday the dioxin quantity exceed up to 2,7 times the tolerance limits . Authorities go on saying there’s no danger for the health. but 4 schools have been closed, and this is exactly what has to be done in such cases, instead of denying the evidence. we all hope the problem is solved quickly, but we cannot pretend that nothing happened, just for the sake of business.

  2. Jannis Says:

    the highest dioxine values have been measured in the fire area. The regional agency for the environment Arpav recommends not to touch ashes so not to inhale dioxine.

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