dinner in the dark

I’ve been asked to re-launch these little news on our blog. with pleasure.

UNIVOC (the Italian Union of Voluntary Workers for the Blind) organises a dinner “in the dark”. The event will take place on 8 May inside the Taverna Ciardi restaurant in Calle dell’Aseo near the Rialto bridge, all lights will be switched off, and service will be provided by men and women who are blind. For that evening,
the people at the tables will experience what sightless individuals encounter every day. It is expected that this innovative initiative will be more instructive and thought-provoking for everyone present than any verbal explanation could ever be.

let me add that, besides experiencing the difficulties of living “in the dark”, the people at the tables may also experience the importance of trusting each other, beyond misunderstandings. life is based on trust, though we often live in suspect.

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