not only high tides. also sulphation is a menace for Venice. The sulphur emissions of engines operating in the city are causing marbles and stones to get more fragile than ever. imagine marble turning into chalk.


a Committee for Public Health is trying to inform people and have them sign a petition, also with a public demonstration held yesterday - which was not so successful because of the rain.

according to studies, the present rate of the corrosion will put the palazzi in real danger in few years, and the committee is asking to replace the polluting engines. if you had thought that venice was safe against air pollution, because there a no cars after piazzale roma’s border, then think of ships, cruise ships and motor boats (and the close industrial area), and you’ll figure out the size of the problem.

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  1. matz2004 Says:

    what is the effect on people’s health? :O

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