rumors are that a few of the best known hotels in venice are for sale. and it’s no secret that a lot of typical bars and restaurants, and hotels in venice have been bought by chinese companies. at the beginning the residents cried out at the “scandal”, then they got accustomed. chinese have some similarities with venetians, as both peoples mind to make money (since the times of Marco Polo, they found a way to understand each other doing business, and in such a great way).  but i am digressing.

what i was commenting about is the existence of rumors. if they are retreated, it is likely that the news is not (yet) true. but the rumor has some authenticity in it, as it testifies a probably real ”intention”. venetians like to talk so much, and talk so much, that it is easy to the to have the real news slip from their mouth, sometimes on purpose, sometimes unintentionally (maybe with the help of some prosecco wine).

in the end: are these rumors true? probably it is: in venice, saying “there is no negotiation” is the equivalent to saying that “negotiations are on (and just in case, if you have a better offer……. show up.)”

but beware of news, in these period: the April’s fool (in italian Pesce d’Aprile that is April Fish) is still swimming around!

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