the Buongiorno Venezia newsletter was born in 2000 and was written in our strict italianenglish (more or less the official language which is spoken in this blog :-)

some issues, read after some years, are not only funny but something to be ashamed of. but the content was quite informative all the same. at  we still happen to receive inquiries regarding very old issues, and even requests of “copies” dating back to  2001 or 2002 archives…

most readers  did not care about the grammar, as long that is was so evident that the newsletter was proudly, lovingly and enthusiastically homemade in venice; some other were disturbed by the mistakes and mispellings. then we met Peter ( ), an American colleague journalist with the rare gift of a great patience :-)) and of editing a text without deleting its spirit. so the english version of the Buongiorno now is never released without hearing from him. he’s the first foreign reader of the Buongiorno, on Sunday evenings ( — and sometimes later, my apologies :-) and honorary citizen of Veniceword.

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  1. veniceanorak Says:

    We love your news from Venice and have been accessing it for a long time now. Many thanks to Peter, as I know my meagre Italian wouldn’t be up to reading the original! You keep us in touch with a city we love.

  2. buongiornovenezia Says:

    Peter is so precious. he had a long trip during the week-end, he worked on Il Buongiorno on the plane back home, and apologized for arriving too late to send it out at the usual time. i never understand if he is simply adorable and professional, or needs something amusing to read when travelling, or really fears that we publish something irreparable :D
    but be patient, you’ll (if you haven’t already) have great samples of my “inglishio” in the blog, as he is not editing it.
    a meagre italian is better than nothing. i’m sure now you’re be able to write “buongiorno” down! :)

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