the cricket speaks. and blogs.

everyone in the world has started a blog or wants to start a blog. my friend Luca has opened more than 10 in one year, i guess, 3 of them are active and the other let die…

people spit on the 15 minutes of celebrity forecast by Andy Warhol. people want an eternal moment of celebrity. a blog will survive us.


the father of italian bloggers is Beppe Grillo’s blog. Grillo last name is very evocative in italy: in italian it is the name of an insect (it means “cricket”), an insect which most italian like also because an important character of the Pinocchio fairy tale is the “grillo parlante”, a cricket who can speak (literally “speaking cricket”): it is the voice of Pinocchio conscience.


So what a better name for a comic actor who in a few years has become an opinion leader, denouncing facts and dark sides of italian (and international) politics and way of life. taka a look (site also in english): - worth of. he is the man who fighted our (former) national phone company for years, the first one to speak out about the Parmalat scandal (in a theater show… nobody believed him at the moment), and he is also the man who taught italians what Skype is (i’m among them). a greatest example of an informative blog.

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