how much did Moses charge to split waters?

Al Gore, former vice-president of the U.S. and unsuccessful Democratic candidate for president in 2001, will be the special guest at the international climate and tidal change conference that will take place in Venice at the Doge’s Palace at the end of April. He will be a very welcome participant, whom Mayor Cacciari eagerly wanted to attend — in
the hope of attracting world interest in the event and of finding an ally in his campaign against MOSE, the system of movable underwater locks designed to prevent high tides in Venice. The mayor believes that the MOSE project is already obsolete.

But the government has already said yes to the MOSE, and millions and millions of euros have already been spent, since i do not even remember when: year 2000? the minister Antonio Di Pietro declared the MOSE was the only admittable project because other alternatives lack evidence of effectiveness. so, who is right?


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  1. JamesVeneziano Says:

    the repeated concerns that the project would dramatically affect the lagoon should have been discussed and studied in detail beforehand. i am under the impression that venice prefers to stay as is

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