against discrimination

The municipality of Venice has joined the campaign against homophobia with a series of posters on the walls of the town. The posters ask citizens to overcome prejudice against gays, lesbians, and transgenders. The initiative began as the result of research done by a group of high school students that the municipality supported in collaboration with
the Council of Europe. “School is the place where a culture of tolerance and respect has to begin. I totally agree with this initiative,” Mayor Cacciari said. Venice is the first public administration in Italy to focus on the problem of *** discrimination.

well, cheers. the slogan says “don’t laugh if they kiss” or something like that. i have very little trust that such campaigns can be successful in a city such as venice, which has a strange relationship with such topics. it’s permissing in the spirit but very gossipy and puritan. it’s an island. consider it as a little town where everyone says everything of everyone (speaking of residents and workers, i mean). or pretends to know everything. people know nothing, of nothing. they don’t know reasons, they just see effects. and can easily be cheated by appearances, for good or worse..

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