Any complaints???

Cannot believe everything is.. perfect in Venice. and in fact it’s not, if a gondola ride is charged 400 euros instead of the regular 80..!!! what do you think??

2 Responses to “Any complaints???”

  1. Nan Says:

    “Hello Venezia” should rename its service “Get Out of Venezia”! I am a frequent visitor to Venice but was appalled by the rudeness of the staff at the Hello Venezia office at the P.le. Roma. I was trying to get information for a first time visitor and the information received was not only outdated and incorrect, it was delivered in a hostile manner(putting it mildly). I finally returned to my apartment and got the up to date information online.

  2. Carlo Mois Says:

    Ciao, I visited the exhibit at the ca’ Foscari University you recommended. Is it normal that the University has set an entrance fee for it????

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