lazy April

What a bright Easter week-end we had in Venice, apart from some morning clouds. 120,000 tourists in Venice last Saturday (though showers were expected: but “never trust what tv says!” :-) (have a look at online weather forecasts instead).

so you may wonder what do venetians do during the Easter week-end. Tradition has it all over italy to have a big big big lunch on Sunday (Easter=Pasqua) and a picnic in the meadows on Lunedì dell’Angelo (also called Pasquetta=”little Pasqua”, Easter Monday). Pasqua’s typical food is lamb (for the ones who like it) despite its meaning as a Christian symbol. btw. never understood why one should celebrate the resurrection of Christ, called the “Lamb of God”, and grill the poor animal a few hours later.

Another symbol at our tables is the egg, in a much less violent celebration though it produces some side effects: someone buys you (or you buy yourself) chocolate egg(s); you break the chocolate egg(s), find surprise present(s) in, eat the chocolate and immediately decide it’s time to put yourself on a diet (the more the chocolate, the stricter the diet. if you stick to the diet, it may be a re-birth; if not, it’s pure cholesterol storing).

The following day - Easter Monday the sense of sin keeps you busy counting calories, so you go picnic in the Riviera del Brenta, visiting public villas or visiting friends (thank you Enrico), or decide it’s time for jogging or rowing, or simply enjoy a lazy day. Aprile dolce dormire, sleeping is so sweet in April… such a lazy month, and from now on it’s one of the best times of the year to visit Venice - not so expensive, by the way…

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  1. Helene Heininz Says:

    Enjoyed my Easter in Venice but it was madness all around. I always wondered how do inhabitants cope with so many tourists. now i realize they go away on vacation as soon as they can. what is a best place for Venetians to go on vacation, and do they drive cars?

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