wedding in venice? there’s a guide

getting married in venice is complicated. (staying married is even more, but that’s another story :) ) if the bride and groom are from different countries and according to the civil status, there are different papers to have ready.

in years of activity with and as editor of Buongiorno Venezia i received the strangest requests for helping organize the wedding-of-dreams. some made me shiver (imagine being asked if one can get married in a Mickey Mouse costume during a 17th century carnival party. that was my feeling. i mean, i’ll look traditionalist but the wedding is NOT the party. the wedding is the wedding, the party is the party. you can mix the two, but with intelligence and respect - for your life plans and hopes).

this said, i respect both romantic escapes from the world (”just the two of us”, which inevitably makes you think of deep feelings) and parades.

in italy is not so easy to divorce as in the States. if the couple agrees for separation, 3 years of legal separation are needed before requesting the divorce. this applied to the civil aspect of the marriage. the marriage is unbreakable for the Catholic religion, apart from some reason (e.g. there has never been an intercourse, or the will to have children). so if you made both civil and religious wedding, you end up being divorced for the state but still married for the church.

back to the news. a practical guide has been issued by the hotelliers. haven’t seen it yet. be sure i’ll review it for you and write about this :)

UPDATE April 10, 2007 - (i am still newbie with blogs, so i can’ decide if a new post or a comment is better. anyway, this is it- if you wish to read on).
the Just married in Venice guide tries to respond to the hotelliers need: finding new ways to make money, without getting mad after the couples’ requests. The best possibile solution would be offering standard dream-packages and superior dream-packages, but it’s not that easy… every country has its own traditions, and the crazy thign is that often couples want to reproduce their traditions in venice. as if italians would ask for a well done spaghetti dish when abroad (nearly impossible). another reason why there may be little understanding between couples and hotelliers/organizers, is that wedding ceremonies in italy are rarely organized by professional agencies (like in the States), but by the couple or the family. a more intimate process? hiring a professional would also be expensive to italians, and couple prefer do the searches personally or choose during wedding exhibit fairs. as a result, the richest couples bring their wedding consultants from their own countries. not a bad idea, if you want a showy wedding. this is one of the udeas that a reader would get from the manual.

the list of requests is interesting: no limits to fantasy, but sometimes dreams must take alternative routes. e.g.: Americans seem to have a special desire for ice sculptures; Italian hotelliers wonder what this has to do with warm climate and the Mediterranean sea, and with Venice. the clients are always right, even if they may look nuts; but as a matter of fact, you’d better forget ice sculptures in venice unless you want to pay a fortune. subliminal message: be reasonable.

impossible is nothing, Nike ads says.. why not? a dream is a dream, a bed covered with rose petals is unforgettable romance… who cares if dreams are also a business :-)

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3 Responses to “wedding in venice? there’s a guide”

  1. Gaia Says:

    If I have understood right, it’s a document FOR the hotelliers about the foreign wedding use. But I agree with you that would have been more usefull a document for people who would like to marry in Venice.

  2. buongiornovenezia Says:

    Hi Gaia. well, i’ll see the booklet tomorrow, and in the intention of the authors it should be helpful to couples and to hotelliers. the hotelliers should have some suggestions for a better service, based on past inquiries: most requested places, hotels, restaurants, costumes (aargh! it’s unbelievable what people invent for their marriage); and it should also help couples with the list of needed papers. so i fear it will mostly be a directory of deja vu plus assorted absurdities, which the venice hotelliers will be pleased to transform into a price listing. mre about this coming soon..

  3. buongiornovenezia Says:

    the promised update: no such guide book is available at the moment at the hotels or elsewhere: the printing house was late with delivery and so only a few copies have been printed. the only people who saw it are the journalists who attended yesterday’s conference. i couldn’t go and i had asked for the press book, which i’ll receive when available.
    i’m not blaming it on the hotelliers association, who may have found the less trust-worthy printing people. but i heard this explanation so many times here and there, that it looks like we have the worst printers in the world. poor Aldo Manuzio (who invented the printing movable characters in the 15th century, right in Venice). to tell the truth, planning and a good use of time is never enough, and we generally tend to work with “acqua alla gola” (water to the throat): under stress, with strict deadlines which depend on the slow process of having a project approved, money raised, things done.
    in short: we’ll re-launch the book news when it’s distributed.

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