just in case it does not work

When high tide (”acqua alta”) comes to Venice, so do the catwalks - raised platforms that let pedestrians walk above the water level. The catwalks have some drawbacks, however. They float when the water level is higher than 120 cm., and they tend to be slippery. To overcome these problems, a new catwalk prototype is being tested. It’s made of wood and WPC, a thermoplastic polymer, it doesn’t float, and it provides surer footing. The prototype was presented to the mayor last week, and a dozen are being installed near the city hall to test their effectiveness.


the mayor’s sense of humor is legendary. he is so sure that the MOSE won’t work against acqua alta…. ¬†anyway, well done.

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  1. matz2004 Says:

    how will venice live without aqua alta? it attracts flocks of tourists

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