reasons for staying in venice

In years of activity as a journalist and as the chief editor of Buongiorno Venezia, i responded to thousands of emails from all over the world and met don’t know how many people, all of them needing to make a point in telling me how much they love venice. No need, guys: i fell in Venice’s trap like millions, but there have also been days that i got so angry at her that her sinking seemed to me (and not only me) exactly the right punishment from Above. then, a minute later,  i might have cried to save her. for instance, i remember how i cried and cried watching the Teatro La Fenice burning down, in the arson of 1996. that is: we who live here, we love it and hate it, so this is a perfect neverending story. because Venice is a virus, and you may develop the antivirus, fighting each other constantly inside you.


So when my “antiVenicevirus” wins a round, i just look at tourists and wonder why are people so eager to live in venice. a minute later, i recall why. but i’d like to hear from you about this. Venetians sometimes need someone who remind them of their past love for the city (and maybe to remind us how lucky we are). i’ll soon advertise the blog so that you can flock here and tell me what you think. i’ll appreciate it, i’ll understand better who my readers are and who are the people whom i meet in the calli of venice every day. their thoughts, their dreams. their expectations, their attitudes.


As a matter of fact, it’s rare to be happy with where you are and what you’re doing, here’s a little example. Buongiorno Venezia newsletter has several subscribers from New Zealand (hi everyone); a couple of them emailed me they are planning to move to Venice. ARE YOU KIDDING, I think a good 30% of Italians, when asked about a dream chance to move abroad, respond they would like to live in… New Zealand.

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